Welcome to AEEM

“AEEM is a professional services company providing Environmental Consultancy, Environmental Engineering, Analytical and Quality testing, Water Resources Studies, Technical Training, Envirolegal Services.”  AEEM is one stop solution provider for all.

  • Environmental related issues.
  • Mining Solutions.
  • Analytical and Quality Testing Services.
  • Technical Training.
  • Water Resource Studies.

Man created the plastic bag and the tin and aluminum can and the cellophane wrapper and the paper plate, and this was good because Man could then take his automobile and buy all his food in one place and He could save that which was good to eat in the refrigerator and throw away that which had no further use.  And soon the earth was covered with plastic bags and aluminum cans and paper plates and disposable bottles and there was nowhere to sit down or walk, and Man shook his head and cried:  “Look at this Godawful mess.”  ~Art Buchwald, 1970

The difference between animals and humans is that animals change themselves for the environment, but humans change the environment for themselves. ~Ayn Rand

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