Environmental Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is that the determination of quantitative or qualitative value of risk associated with a concrete state of affairs and a recognized threat (also referred to as hazard). Quantitative risk assessment needs calculations of 2 parts of risk, the magnitude of the potential loss, and also the chance, that the loss can occur.It additionally evaluates the extent of impact of assorted parts on human health and surroundings. Risk assessments contemplate factors such as: contaminants of concern, receptors of concern, exposure pathways, and predictions of contamination concentrations at receptor locations.

About Service:

We conduct screening,Preliminary,and elaborate Risk Assessments. Screening assessments use qualitative information to assess risk; preliminary and elaborate assessments analyze risk with quantitative, site-specific information and prophetic modeling. we tend to establish hazards, order risks, investigate various risk management measures, and assist with risk communication.

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